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poker game 20

poker game

These cards will form a combination or “hand” with five community cards to be dealt in the next rounds of the game. At the beginning of the game, even before the cards are dealt, the mandatory betting process takes place.

How do you get a bank? There are 2 fundamentally different ways:

At the end of the turn trade, the fifth and final card – the river (from the English “River”) lies on the table. After opening the river, players analyze the last cards they have collected and perform a final round of betting. FOLD is a refusal to continue the pot fight in response to a bet (bet) or raise (raise) from an opponent. In this case, the player folds his cards and they leave the game in the jumps.

Each player receives two face-down cards. These are the only cards the player receives individually..

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There are also situations when the game does not come into confrontation. This happens when a player bets or raises one of the avenues, but none of his opponents dare call. In this case, the player who made the last bet receives the vase, and he may not show his cards.

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